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NVIDIA’s new GPU architecture is called Turing. The first graphics card models will be available later this month. Waterblocks are already announced. We have compiled an overview here.

Please pay attention to the compatibility information of each supplier. What you generally have to consider regarding reference design and custom design for graphics cards can be found in this article.

For prices and availability you can also get information directly from the manufacturer or shop of your choice. We will try to update the list when other manufacturers present their products.


Alphacool has announced a full-cover waterblock in two versions. A variant with a plexiglass viewing window with RGB lighting and an optically simple variant made of acetal. Both waterblocks are based on an identical copper heat sink that is completely nickel-plated.

  • Materials: copper, acetal, nickel
  • Threads: 2x G 1/4
  • Compatibility: NVIDIA RTX 2080 FE / RTX 2080 Ti FE
  • Backplate: Included with plexi version. Encloses both waterblock and PCB

Alphacool Eisblock GPX-N Plexi . Source: Alphacool

Alphacool Eisblock GPX-N Acetal. Source: Alphacool

Link to product / manufacturer / shop: Alphacool (Aquatuning)

Aqua Computer

The German manufacturer Aqua Computer has so far (as of September 5, 2018) only confirmed that waterblocks for the RTX 2080 / RTX 2080 Ti are in progress and will be introduced around September 20, 2018.

Furthermore, Aqua Computer has already revealed in its own forum that the new full-cover waterblocks will be a further development of the kryographics series with significant improvements and a very elegant design. RGBpx will be factory integrated, an active backplate is also planned, and there will also be an active BP, probably there will also be alternative lighting options.

Since according to the forum the cooler will be much more elaborate, the price should also be a bit higher than the previous kryographics.

EK Waterblocks

EK Waterblocks, a manufacturer based in Slovenia, is taking NVIDIA’s new architecture as an opportunity to introduce a new name for its water blocks. EK Vector RTX is now the name for all Turing compatible blocks.

For the RTX 2080 and RTX 2080 Ti EKWB offers four variants each with different materials. The Plexi versions are equipped with integrated LEDs and can also be exchanged as required. They are also compatible with the LED controls of the well-known mainboard manufacturers.

  • Materials: Copper, Nickel, Acetal, Plexi
  • Threads: 4x G 1/4
  • Compatibility (RTX 2080): PCB in reference design + cards with custom air cooler and reference PCB
  • Compatibility (RTX 2080 Ti): PCB in reference design + cards with custom air cooler and reference PCB
  • Backplate: not included in delivery. EKWB recommends the separately available
    Vector RTX backplate (nickel plated or anodized aluminum).

EK-Vector RTX 2080 Ti – Copper + Plexi. Source: EK Waterblocks

EK-Vector RTX 2080 Ti RGB – Nickel + Plexi. Source: EK Waterblocks

Link to product / manufacturer / shop: EKWB RTX 2080 Serie „Vector“


Watercool, another manufacturer from Germany, has also announced that HEATKILLER waterblocks for the RTX 2080 and 2080 Ti will be available from 20 September 2018. The copper versions will be available from September 20, 2018, with other (nickel-plated) versions to follow one to two weeks later.

Will be updated

We will endeavour to update the list when other manufacturers present their products.

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