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The Titan X from NVIDIA (Pascal) is only available with reference design. We have listed here the waterblocks already on the market to retrofit the Titan X for watercooling.

For prices and availability, please also check with the original manufacturer or the store of your choice.

(Update 08/03/2017): All waterblock for the Titan X (Pascal) should be compatible with the new GTX 1080 Ti, as long as they are kept in reference design / Founder’s Edition. Manufacturers like EK Waterblock have already confirmed the compatibility of their blocks. The German company Waterblock is still waiting for the physical test, a visual test also suggests compatibility.

This is what the PCB of the GTX 1080 Ti with reference design looks like:

PCB GTX 1080 Ti. Souce:

Aqua Computer

The waterblock from Aqua Computer is based on the kryographics-block for the cards with the Pascal architecture and was adapated for the layout of the Titan X. The waterblock covers the GPU, memory and the voltage regulators.

The kryographics Pascal- NVIDIA TITAN X will be produced in four different versions: Pure copper and nickel-plated copper, the top is available either as transparent acrylic or in a black version.

kryographics Pascal- NVIDIA TITAN X.  Source: Aqua Computer

kryographics Pascal- NVIDIA TITAN X. Source: Aqua Computer

The waterblock is compatible with the NVIDIA SLI HB bridges, a backplate will be added to the shop later. The threads are G 1/4.

Link to product / manufacturer / shop: Aqua Computer

EK Waterblocks

The waterblock made by EK Waterblocks covers the entire PCB and cools GPU, memory and the voltage regulators. The cover is either made of acrylic or black acetal. The waterblock itself comes in a pure copper version or is nickel-plated. The threads are G 1/4. The waterblocks are not compatible with the NVIDIA SLI HB bridges.

EK-FC Titan X Pascal. Source: EK Waterblocks

EK-FC Titan X Pascal – nickel. Source: EK Waterblocks

EK-FC Titan X Pascal – acetal+nickel. Source: EK Waterblocks

Link to product / manufacturer / shop: EK Waterblocks


(Update 15 / 10 / 2016). The Heatkiller IV waterblock from Watercool is also based on the design for the GTX 1080 blocks. It is available in four different versions: nickel-plated / non nickel-plated with either an acrylic or an acetal top. In addition, there is a block with a black front panel.

Quelle: Watercool

Link to product / manufacturer / shop: Watercool

We will try to update the list if more manufacturers present their waterblocks.

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