After we had finished the cabling, we went on with the tubing. First, we installed the 30mm-radiator (240er) at the top. Together with the fans it completely conceals the aquaero, so you cannot see it from the front.

The rest of the tubes was set relatively quickly. On the image above, the connection between CPU and reservoir still makes quite a strong curve outwards. We shortened it later on before the filling.

As always, we covered all the components for the filling process. As a liquid, we had chosen Mayhems Pastel Red.

We filled the loop with the help of a filling bottle and the thin green tube you see at the front. Since we had chosen the (optional) top with two G 1/4 threads for the Heatkiller Tube, we could use the second one very easily as a fill port.

We gave power to the pump only, in order to check if everything is alright. We let the loop run for a while – and so far there are no leaks!

Now, we will take some final photos of the completed rig, which we will post here as well. This is how the complete PC looks now:

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