After we had mounted the CPU back on the motherboard, we turned to the GPU and its waterblock. Both have already been in use in several systems, and they both have some small scratches. That is why we wanted to clean both components thoroughly before we used them again in our current project.

We took the waterblock completely apart, cleaned it and replaced the sealing rings. Here are some impressions for you.

First, we removed the connector and then loosened all the screws to disassemble graphics card and waterblock.

The thermal compound (Liquid Ultra from Coollaboratory) could only be removed with a rough sponge and alcohol.

But in the end, both GPU and waterblock were clean again, although you can see some traces on the nickel surface. The dark strip in the picture is the reflection of one of the flashlights.

To free the graphics card from dust, we used a simple brush. The thermal pads were, except for one, still in good condition, so we decided to re-use them.

Next, we completely disassembled the waterblock. To do that, we carefully removed the covers on the front…

…and then the acrylic top.

The nickel-plated waterblock looked clean after a treatment with water and dishwashing liquid:

The most delicate work is the insertion of the sealing rings and to put on the acrylic top. Do not let anything slip…

…but after a few attempts it was done!

To re-attach the front covers, we applied fresh double-sided adhesive tape.

After the work on the waterblock was finished, we applied fresh thermal compound to the GPU and screwed both graphics card and waterblock back together.

To finish off, we mounted the backplate and the connectors again.

Here are both graphics card and waterblock assembled again. They are both ready for the next step in our project.

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